Kathrine's Candles

Our candles are homemade.  We have been making candles for 28 years!  We started in April of 1994! 

We put 2 wicks in our candles for even burning.  The candles will burn for 150 hours.  One candle will fragrance your whole house!  Imagine not having to stand over the candle...... wafting to smell it.   The fragrance oils are just as strong.  

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About Us

Kathrine Bosarge

store owner

People have asked me how I got started in this 28 years ago.  Well my husband had dabbled in the old water castle candles years ago before I met him.  We started our life together in 1978 And got married in 1980.  We pulled house trailers around Texas for a few years then went cross country driving big rigs.  Seems like the life right?  Well we both started getting homesick.  Children growing up and having children of their own and finally we decided to come home and settle in. (missing a lot in between) But when it came down to it  he found a local driving job that brought him home every night.  While I stayed home and worked on candles and lots of research.  Because what he did with candles back then was not exactly the same as what we were looking for.  So when he came home at night we worked on the formula.  After a few years of working on it, In April 1994 we went selling!! Craft shows and craft malls and Flea markets and a little small store next to my house.  We even had a regular Seasonal Spot at the Gulfport Premium Outlet Mall.  

Then the turn.  My husband got diagnosed with lung cancer in Sept 2008.  He passed away in May of 2010. Heart broken after 30 Years of marriage I had to move on.  I continued our business but have since scaled back to online and permanent at the outlet mall.


We have 2 locations.

We are also located at the Gulfport Premium Outlet Mall.  

10000 Factory Shops Blvd. Gulfport MS  39503.  


Our Kiosk is located in front of GAP Factory outlet.     

  Store Hours

Mon— Thursday

11:00 AM — 5 PM

Friday and Saturday  

10:00 AM — 6:00 PM


12:00 AM-- 5:00

11508 Three Rivers Road

Gulfport, Ms 39503

Store Hours

Mon— Friday

10:00 AM — 5 PM


Noon — 5:00 PM